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Parish Life

Parish life in Christian communities thrives on joy and the coming together that promotes it. Here are ministries that create a sense of belonging, encourage and support, and even provide service.   

Click HERE for Volunteer Service Opportunities for 2019-2020 list of events.

Art & Environment
“Beauty will save the world.”  Beauty calls us to faith and helps us to see God’s existence.   The primary task of the Arts & Environment  Ministry is to decorate in and around the Church and Chapel. The ministers ensure that the altar cloths, banners, and seasonal flowers are displayed reflective of the Churches liturgical seasons.  Please contact Fr. Jim Ferry  ~973-325-0110.

Christian Book Discussion
The 4th Tuesday night of the month at 7:00 pm, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Christian Book Discussion group gathers to discuss a book that they have chosen to read.  It’s amazing how much more pleasure and learning you can get from a book when shared with friends.  If you would like to join us,  please call Judy Albore ~ 973-746-2606 ~ or just come to a meeting.  Look for our flyers on the bulletin boards announcing our current book and meeting date.

Heritage Room
The Lourdes Heritage Room located in the east side entrance of the Church is opened before and after each Mass.  It is the home of our church’s historical treasures with a wealth of information in print, art and photographs. if you are interested in this project,  please contact Arlene O'Connor  ~ 973-325-3375.

Holy Name Society
The Holy Name Society is a men’s ministry that was established in our parish in 1920.   Its main goal seeks to achieve love and reverence for the Holy Name of God and Jesus and to suppress blasphemy, perjury, profanity, and improper language in society.  It  provides many services and social events.  Please   contact Father Jim Ferry ~ 973.325.0110

Peace & Good Corner
The Peace and Good Corner, our gift shop,  is our hidden treasure tucked away at the west side entrance of the church.  Many items, such as, religious articles, books, cards and gifts for all occasions may be   purchased at very reasonable prices.  The gift shop is open before and after all Masses and also during church functions.  To volunteer for this ministry or if you have questions,  please contact the rectory, 973.325.0110.

Parish Pilgrimages
Every year, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, travels  to Holy Sites locally or internationally such as Rome/Vatican and Lourdes.  The Pilgrimage includes exploring the surrounding historical places.  Parishioners, their families and friends are encouraged to experience this spiritual journey.  Please look for the yearly Parish Pilgrimage announcements in the  Sunday Church Bulletin.

Restoration Workshop
The Restoration Workshop involves repairing or transforming personal effects of priests who have died and creating a biography of their lives, including their date of ordination and place of service.  These items and biographies are then given to candidates for the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey.  Members of the workshop share a meal with the     candidates and give them their gifts personally.  It is hoped that this gesture creates a bond between past  and present and priest and laity.  If interested, please contact Lisa Westheimer  ~ 973-669-8115.

Rosary Makers
The Rosary Makers commenced their ministry in early 2010 and are actively at work producing hundreds of cord rosaries for the missions around the world.  This is an activity that anyone (adult or child) can do at home.  If interested, please call Carol Ford   ~ 973-736-2394.



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